US crackdown on climate ‘super-pollutants’

The US Environmental Protection Agency announced additional actions to phase down hydrofluorocarbons

Spain activates air conditioning limits

Homes and public buildings in the country will be banned to be cooled by less than 27°C

Madrid won’t switch off amid European gas crisis

The regional leader of Madrid has said the city will keep the lights on at night defying Spanish Government restrictions

Europe urged to clamp down on growing greenhouse gases black market

Illegal hydrofluorocarbons smuggled into the EU amount to nearly 30% of the legal trade, according to the Environmental Investigation Agency

French asked to cut air con use by “trapping” cool air

Businesses could be handed fines of up to €750 if they do not close their doors while air-con systems are on

US launches $83m energy efficiency scheme to slash bills

Thermal energy storage technology and efficient air conditioning systems will benefit from the grant

Growing Ivy can make homes more energy efficient!

The plant species can reduce the air temperature of buildings by up to 7.2°C, according to a report

Scientists reveal breakthrough ‘whitest ever’ paint that could erase the need for air conditioning

The new paint is claimed to reflect 98.1% of sunlight while sending away infrared heat