Solar-power plane stays up in the air for record 26 days

Airbus’ unmanned aircraft weighs only 75 kilograms and flies at an altitude of 70,000 feet

Three firms team up for hybrid electric plane take off

Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Siemens have teamed up to develop a hybrid electric aircraft for take-off in 2020. The E-Fan X hybrid-electric technology demonstrator aims to push and mature the technology, performance, safety and reliability, enabling quick progress on the hybrid electric technology. The programme also hopes to establish the requirements for future certification of electrically […]

Flying electric car takes off at Geneva Motor Show

A new electric flying car prototype could potentially end traffic jams once and for all. Designed by Italdesign and Airbus, the Pop.Up vehicle drives on roads like a normal car, until the modular propeller system is attached and the wheels are taken off – at this point it can take off vertically and fly through the […]

Siemens and Airbus to develop electric planes

European plane maker Airbus has joined forces with German technology firm Siemens to work on electric aircraft technology. They aim to demonstrate the technical feasibility of various hybrid and electric propulsion systems by the end of the decade, which are expected to significantly reduce fuel consumption and noise. The two companies plan to jointly develop […]

Lighter flight with plastic planes?

If you’re scared of flying how would you feel boarding a plastic plane powered by a battery? Well aerophobics can breathe easy as it’s a way away. But a new idea from global plane giant Airbus, is looking seriously into the concept of planes made not from aluminium but composite materials – in essence different […]

Finnair flies to New York with cooking oil

A Finnish airline ran a flight to New York on Tuesday using recycled cooking oil, timed to coincide with the UN Climate Summit. Finnair said the biofuel mixture powering the Airbus A330 is partly made from oil used by restaurants. It was provided by SkyNRG Nordic, a joint venture between SkyNRG and Statoil Aviation. The airline has tested […]

Planes powered by body heat?

The aviation industry is only just getting its head around biofuel but there could be a truly mind-blowing power source around the corner: planes powered by body heat. That’s the incredible invention put forward by students in a competition run by Airbus, the French aircraft manufacturer, looking for revolutionary ideas to make the industry low […]

EU air chiefs call for delay to carbon scheme

Nine European air firms are calling on EU leaders to delay the Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) to stop an impending trade war with China. The heads of Airbus, Air Berlin, Air France, British Airways, Iberia, Lufthansa, MTU Aero Engines, Safran and Virgin Atlantic have sent joint letters to Prime Minister David Cameron and his […]

China ‘won’t buy Airbus planes’ over EU emissions law

China’s government allegedly won’t let its airlines buy planes from a European manufacturer “in retaliation” for EU emissions law. The chief executive of EADS, the parent company of Airbus made the claim at a news conference when he presented the company’s annual results. Louis Gallois said:”The Chinese government refuses to approve airlines’ orders for long-haul […]