AI can help clean up our landfills, says expert

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to Carling Spelhaug of AMP Robotics who tells us about the value of AI and robotics in recycling

‘Peer-to-peer energy trading slashes business bills by up to 90%’

Companies at Mildenhall Industrial Park in West Suffolk have witnessed reductions in their energy bills, ranging from 20% to 90%, through peer-to-peer energy trading

Birds vs wind turbines: Who’s winning?

Utilising AI technology, a new project at the Aberdeen Bay Offshore Wind Farm aims to track the flight behaviour of seabirds, shedding light on bird interactions with offshore wind turbines

UK funds AI tech for better solar grid integration

Twelve green AI projects have secured a collective £1 million fund aimed at propelling renewable energy

Scotland’s AI project aims to boost hydrogen production

The project will use explainable AI to overcome hydrogen production challenges

E.ON unveils paper mill’s CHP plant in Kent

The project is predicted to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 36,000 tonnes a year

Is this the world’s first utility to electrify its operations with ChatGPT?

DEWA has announced it will use ChatGPT technology to improve the experiences of its customers and employees

Newcastle researchers create sustainable indoor solar cells for IoT

Researchers at Newcastle University have developed indoor solar cells that can efficiently harness ambient light to power IoT devices

AI says 1.5°C is out of reach

It also warns that if emissions aren’t curbed, 2°C could be hit by mid-century

How can AI future-proof the UK’s grid against space storms?

Scientists say that solar storms disrupt power grids and communications on Earth