Germany likely to miss gas storage target without additional measures

The energy crisis could be worsened, the German gas regulator has said

Germany and Austria forge plan to fill up gas storage facilities ‘more quickly’

One of them is a large underground gas reservoir which was reportedly left empty by Russia’s Gazprom

“Ancient microbes could reduce gas bills and CO2”

A scientist spoke to ELN about a new technology that allows people to produce gas in their own backyard using kitchen and garden waste

Nuclear and gas classed as ‘green’ by EU

The decision has had heavy criticism from certain countries, with some threatening legal action

Austrian scheme to support renewable production granted EU approval

Funding will be provided through technology specific competitive bidding processes for electricity produced from wind, solar and biomass

‘Austria’s largest’ solar PV plant takes off at Vienna Airport

The project is predicted to cover a third of the airport’s electricity consumption

Austria’s network reserve for electricity supply security granted EU approval

The temporary scheme, which will be in force until the end of 2025, will pay operators of power plants to help balance the electricity grid

New Green Banking Academy launched in Europe and Central Asia

Implemented in partnership with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance, the initiative will help accelerate the green transformation of the banking sector in the region while tackling climate change

GE Renewable Energy secures contracts for new Pumped Hydro Storage Power Plant in Austria

It claims that it will be the first new build pumped hydro storage facility in the world to have fully-fed variable speed technology, making it far more efficient

Austrian bank and EIB to support sustainable projects with €300m funding

Projects include onshore wind, solar and hydropower projects, in addition to electric vehicles and charging stations as well as the energy efficiency of companies and buildings