Government reveals biomass strategy

The strategy focuses on ensuring biomass sustainability, delves into both domestic and imported biomass supply and emphasises the critical shift towards bioenergy with carbon capture and storage

Drax denies “avoiding hundreds of millions in returns” to UK households

A Bloomberg investigation found that Drax allegedly avoided returning £639 million to households during UK cost of living crisis

Drax power plant’s subsidies at risk over compliance

In response to concerns heard in the House of Lords, Lord Callanan has stressed the ongoing investigation by Ofgem to determine if the biomass is sustainable or not before any decisive action is taken

Solar energy steals the spotlight

More than three-quarters of Britons have expressed support for solar energy, according to a new survey

Drax Power Station shines bright for King Charles’ coronation

Drax Power Station has projected a symbol onto one of its cooling towers to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation

Drax plans £150m share buyback following record profits

A few days ago, the energy giant closed its remaining coal units

Ofgem ‘orders audit of Drax’s biomass sustainability claims’

Ofgem has reportedly enlisted a consultancy firm to scrutinise the environmental impact of the biomass used by Drax at its Yorkshire plant

MPs say ‘time to rethink biomass subsidies’

This follows huge £893m profits from subsidies in 2021

Drax halts investment in UK BECCS

The energy giant has announced its decision as it is seeking clarification from the government regarding its commitment to the project

Millions of off-grid homes and businesses to receive energy bill support

Homes off the gas grid are set to receive £200 energy bill support in the coming weeks