Cold snap spurs increase in UK electricity demand

Government data indicates a 2.2% increase in total electricity consumption from the public distribution system in the three months to November 2023 compared to the previous year

Energy supplier refunds customers for gas outage

Island Energy has announced a “gesture of goodwill” by refunding a month’s standing charges, approximately £11.56, to around 4,500 affected homes and businesses

New tech speeds up contracts for energy brokers

Energy software provider POWWR has unveiled a product that significantly reduces contract submission time for brokers

“SMEs struggle as energy prices soar”

The average SME now pays £64,383.10 annually for energy and fuel, according to a report

Ofgem to strengthen business energy contract protection and broker oversight

Proposed measures include extending micro-business safeguards to all businesses, ensuring payment transparency to energy brokers in bills and creating a dispute resolution redress scheme

Experts predict record British Gas profits

British Gas’ profits are expected to reach record levels due to Ofgem’s increased energy price cap, according to reports

EDF supports small businesses by joining ‘blend and extend’ initiative

The Federation of Small Businesses has announced that EDF has joined the scheme, allowing small businesses on high-cost fixed tariffs to adjust their contracts

Good Energy unveils power matching initiative

Surfing lake ‘The Wave’ in Bristol has been twinned with a Welsh hydro project

British Gas offers grants and cheaper contracts for small businesses

British Gas has launched a £15 million fund to provide grants and lower priced contracts to small businesses, including pubs, cafes, restaurants, hairdressers, shopkeepers and charities