INEOS unveils plan for new fracking test site

The company said extracting shale gas could make the UK ‘self-sufficient’ in ten years

Climate transition: EU grants €1.1bn funded by revenues from Emissions Trading System

The projects are deploying low carbon technologies at industrial scale, covering key sectors such as hydrogen, steel, chemicals, cement, solar energy, biofuels and CCS

Surrey Uni kicks off carbon capture to methanol pilot

The project generates the industrial chemical from carbon dioxide in the air

Yara slows production due to high gas prices

The hike in European natural gas prices has led to the company more than halving the production levels of its ammonia and urea factories

British Olympians join Extinction Rebellion protest at Hampshire oil refinery

The activists are protesting against ExxonMobil’s reported plans to expand its fossil fuel extraction

‘We are all breathing polluted indoor air’

New study shows that indoor air is one underestimated source of exposure to the so-called ‘forever chemicals’, PFAs

German winds to make ‘carbon-free’ chemicals

A new 2GW wind farm will be built to supply electricity to a chemicals facility

Water treatment
Yorkshire Water launches £17m scheme to clean up treated sewage

It hopes the move will help it meet environmental targets on phosphorus removal

Ozone-depleting chemical ‘tracked down to Chinese industry’

The Environmental Investigation Agency alleges 18 different companies are using the illegal CFC-11

Are electric vehicles as clean as we think?

A new report says the electronic equipment and batteries used in EVs contain most of the poisons present in diesel emissions