Forget fast food – air pollution could be causing childhood obesity

A new study suggests nitrogen dioxide emissions could lead to health issues other than lung problems

WHO warns polluted air is putting 93% of children ‘at serious risk’

The World Health Organisation found around 1.8bn children are exposed to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) levels above its air quality guidelines

WHO: Pollution kills 1.7m children a year

Polluted environments take the lives of around 1.7 million children under the age of five every year. The environmental risks include indoor and outdoor air pollution, unsafe water, lack of sanitation, inadequate hygiene and second-hand smoking, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Its report reveals a large portion of the most common causes of […]

Blog – They frack you up, your mum and dad

She could see me coming a mile off. The reporter with a cameraman in tow was in her sights. As I looked out over the tents, protestors and policemen outside Cuadrilla’s drilling site in Balcombe, the floaty dress-wearing, grey-haired woman took my arm. “I’ve got a GREAT story for you. See that boy over there? […]

New parents see energy bills grow

New parents see their energy use grow in the first two months after having a baby, according to a poll of parents which shows two in three new parents find energy use increases with a baby’s arrival. Nearly a fifth (18%) find their energy use went up considerably, with four in 10 (40%) tumble drying […]

British kids call for action on climate change

Three quarters of young children in Britain are “deeply concerned” about the impact of climate change, a new survey reveals. It found children aged between 11-16 are worried about how climate change will affect their lives and said they would like the Government to do more to combat it. Two thirds of those surveyed were […]