National Grid launches €500m green bond

The funds could be used to support the connection infrastructure of wind farms to the grid and boost efficiency to help reduce electricity losses

Macquarie Group announces £500m green loan

It will support eligible projects including renewable energy and energy efficiency

Gas-powered buses hit the streets of Palma

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has agreed to provide a €30 million (£26.3m) loan to replace buses in Palma de Mallorca with less polluting gas-powered models. The money will help transport firm Empresa Municipal de Transportes swap its existing diesel-powered vehicles with newer, safer and cleaner compressed natural gas (CNG) versions. The agreement, which was […]

Take a seat and cut transport emissions

In the drive to clean up transport, seemingly innocuous features of vehicles such as seating can play a big role in improving efficiency. That’s according to a number of businesses involved in the market, including the United States Seating Company (USSC) and HSM Transportation. They say lighter seats result in more efficient vehicles that can […]

Big Apple offers $3.5m for EV innovation

The State of New York has announced $3.5 million (£2.6m) of funding to accelerate electric vehicle (EV) use. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo is seeking proposals to develop innovative strategies to expand the market, reduce the cost of installing and operating charging stations and use EVs to provide grid resiliency. The move supports his aim to […]

EV projects to catch £40m of government cash

The UK Government is providing a range of innovative electric vehicle (EV) projects with around £40 million of funding. The money, being offered through Innovate UK, will be split across 27 projects involving 66 organisations. Most of these aim to help make EV batteries longer-lasting, cleaner and more powerful, with the ultimate aim of overcoming the […]

UK announces £80m for EV centre in Coventry

The UK Government is to open an electric vehicle (EV) technology centre as part of a £120 million investment in low carbon transport. Through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), it will dedicate £80 million for the new National Battery Manufacturing Development Facility (NMDF) in Coventry, which aims to improve the volume and cost issues associated […]

EVs keep on truckin to displace fossil fuels

Electric trucks could displace as many as 3.5 million barrels of diesel a day by 2050. That’s according to global management consulting firm McKinsey Energy Insights (MEI), which says this is the equivalent of removing more than 40% of the industry’s demand for the fuel. Trucks currently make up around a fifth of road transport […]

Coventry to host £30m clean transport lab

A £30 million agreement to build a clean transport laboratory in Coventry has been signed. Coventry University and German engineering service provider FEV inked the deal to spearhead research into advanced powertrain development over the next decade. Researchers and engineers will test and aim to improve the performance and emissions on a range of different […]

UK provides £3.9m for niche vehicle development

The UK Government has provided £3.9 million of funding to support low carbon developments in the niche vehicle sector. A total of 30 projects from low-volume manufacturers have received the money from Innovate UK, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC). These vehicles include premium brand sports cars, specialist commercial […]