UK fires up old coal plants to prevent power cuts

Two coal-fired units at the Drax power plant are prepared for boosting the UK’s grid if required

Drop coal or forget the 1.5°C target, says IEA

The global demand for coal has been at record highs for the last ten years, new report has warned

Coal power station in Yorkshire to be transformed into green energy hub

The ‘UK’s largest’ planned battery will be built on the site of the former Thorpe Marsh coal power station

Germany: “We will not be blackmailed by turning off the gas tap”

German Chancellor has said that Russia’s war must not lead to a “worldwide renaissance for coal”

Slow growth in global energy-related CO2 emissions

Global carbon dioxide emissions from energy are predicted to soar by 300 megatonnes this year, the International Energy Agency suggests

Electricity supply could be lower than latest National Grid forecasts, say analysts

Study suggests there could be up to ten hours of blackouts across the winter

‘Australia’s biggest carbon-polluting power plant to shut down ten years earlier’

AGL has announced it will close its Loy Yang A power station up to ten years earlier than previously announced

EDF unveils ambition to extend life of UK nuclear power stations

The energy giant aims to extend the generation at Hartlepool and Heysham 1 power stations beyond the planned end date of March 2024

UK could pay £420m for keeping coal-fired power stations open this winter

National Grid ESO has confirmed it has agreed on contingency contracts with four coal units

Fears rise in German industries as Rhine River evaporates

A German business group has said chemical and steel industries could soon be forced to switch off as low river levels makes it hard to transport cargo