UK’s energy regulation an inspiration for Colombia

Colombia has learnt from the UK’s energy policy. According to Andres Escobar, Colombian Vice Minister of Finance and Public Credit, the “UK has strong energy regulations”. Mr Escobar told ELN: “Many developments that have taken place in the regulatory sector in the energy sector have resulted from work from British consultants who have worked as […]

Colombia looking to renewables

Colombia is hoping to establish new regulations to involve more renewable energy. The South American nation is one of the lowest producers of renewable energy in the continent. Aurelio Bustilho CFO of Emgesa, a large private electricity producer said: “We are studying projects in renewable side mainly in small hydroplanes. We are waiting for the […]

‘Very stable energy policies’ for investment in Colombia

There are “plenty of opportunities” for British businesses to invest in Colombia’s energy sector due to the nation’s “stable economy”. That’s the view of Felipe Castilla, CFO of Grupo Energia de Bogota – one of the speakers at the Colombia Inside Out conference in London today – who added the country has “very stable rules” […]

Oil firm in anti-terror trial

The fourth largest oil company in South America has trialled a new simulation software in a bid to improve its response to attacks on its pipelines. Ecopetrol assigned a crisis management team to participate in a training exercise to test the reaction time to the attacks and co-ordination with the Colombian Army. Guerrilla groups have […]

Latin America plans its first ‘solar decathlon’

The US and Colombia have signed an agreement to collaborate in the development of a “solar decathlon” in Latin America. It is a competition launched by the US Department of Energy (DOE) in 2002 that challenges college and university teams to design and build affordable, innovative and highly energy efficient solar-powered homes (pictured). Open to […]

Colombian telecoms firm hopes to save £4m with energy efficiency

A Colombian telecoms firm hopes to mash down its electricity bill by £4 million (13,000 million pesos) through its PUREE energy efficiency scheme. Une Epm Telecomunicaciones (UNE) said last week it has already saved 6.8 million kilowatts of electricity and reduced its emissions by about 1,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent with the scheme since 2009. […]

Colombian strike pushed up coal prices

Strikes which rocked Colombia’s coal sector for more than three weeks pushed up power prices. Workers on the country’s main coal-shunting railway have been on an union-organised strike to push for higher wages. Yesterday a Colombian court ruled the strike illegal, say reports. The country is the fourth largest coal exporter but some firms including […]

The Market Report – 15th August

What effect has the Colombian coal strike and ongoing tensions in Syria had on power prices? Magali Hodgson, npower Optimisation Desk Manager talks through the main drivers behind energy prices in this weekly market report.

Mining trio drill $3bn into Colombian expansion

Anglo American, Xstrata and BHP Billiton are drilling $3.1billion into expanding their jointly-owned coal mining complex in Colombia. The trio of mining companies will each contribute $437million to the expansion pot. The Cerrejon site includes an open-pit mine that brings up 32 million tonnes of coal a year, rising to 40 million tonnes after the […]