UK Government launches £16m package to protect Amazon rainforest

The investment is part of the Partnerships for Forests programme, which aims to help farmers restore a rainforest area equal to the size of 1,680 football pitches

Big Zero Report 2022

The UK Government has announced a £16 million investment to help protect the Amazon rainforest.

The finance will be shared among environmentally friendly farming and replanting projects in the Amazon.

A portion of the funding will support rural farming communities in Brazil to create sustainable farms and provide an alternative to traditional farming techniques, which exhaust the soil and cause deforestation.

Government funding will also support a network of indigenous seed collectors in Northern Brazil to reproduce rare local tree species.

UK backing is estimated to grow this industry to trade as much as 30 metric tonnes of seeds annually – enough to restore 900 hectares of rainforest, the equivalent of more than 1,680 football pitches.

Minister for Climate Change Lord Callanan said: “Climate change and deforestation are challenges which stretch far beyond borders, which is why we all must act to protect our planet’s biodiversity.”

Justin Adams, Executive Director of the Tropical Forests Alliance, added: “The Partnership for Forests program provides catalytic funding for innovative enterprises that balance sustainable production and millions of livelihoods with preventing deforestation.”

On the World Environment Day, COP26 President and Business Secretary Alok Sharma announced a £64 million package of support for tropical rainforests in Colombia.

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