Climate conditions and wildfires causing massive fish die-offs in Australia

The New South Wales Department of Primary Industries has announced a number of major ‘fish kills’ have been reported in rivers and other waterways across the region

Air pollution ‘to blame for 20,500 people UK deaths every year’

That’s according to the 2019 Lancet Countdown report, which forecasts climate change and air pollution will result in millions more premature deaths over the next decade

‘Beast from the East’ claimed 2,000 lives

Deaths among vulnerable and elderly people sharply increased over the cold snap

Climate change ‘could cause suicide rates to soar by 2050’

Researchers say global warming could result in 40,000 additional suicides across Mexico and the US

EU efficiency improvements ‘could avoid 27,500 premature deaths by 2030’

These changes could also save up to €2.5bn due to premature mortality from indoor cold

Heatwave deaths ‘to triple by 2050 without government action’

The Environmental Audit Committee says dangerous temperatures in summer could be normal by the 2040s

WHO: Air pollution levels ‘dangerously high’ in many countries

The Indian city of Delhi and Egypt’s Cairo have been revealed as the world’s most polluted megacities

Global pollution killing nine million people a year

Pollution has been linked to nine million deaths a year worldwide, with the UK having one of the worst records of pollution deaths in Europe. A damning new report from the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health reveals pollution is the largest environmental cause of disease and premature deaths, responsible for 16% of all deaths […]

Calls to cancel killer coal in Asia to save 50k lives

Cancelling new coal plants in Asia could save 50,000 lives a year. According to new research from the University of Harvard and Greenpeace, the death toll from coal pollutants could rise from the current annual figure of 20,000 to 70,000 by 2030 if plants being planned or built in South East Asia, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan go […]

Air pollution blamed for 7 million early deaths

New estimates from the World Health Organization suggest 7 million premature deaths a year are because of air pollution. That’s one in eight of total global deaths, more than double previous estimates, according to the UN’s public health arm. It claims air pollution is now the world’s largest single environmental health risk and that reducing air pollution […]