Government proposes to end the sale of new diesel and petrol HGVs by 2040

That is part of a newly announced plan that aims to decarbonise all modes of the UK’s domestic transport by 2050

UK to refresh standards to increase accessibility of EV charge points

The British Standards Institute is set to develop new guidance on how to make individual charge points more accessible by summer 2022

Cambridge dons’ EV delight

University of Cambridge has the highest percentage of electric vehicles in its fleet, according to a new report

Government urged to introduce a zero emission vehicles mandate

Energy UK also proposes a ‘Bonus-Malus’ scheme that could make ZEVs more affordable to drivers

‘Nearly 84m EVs will be on Europe’s streets by 2030’

New research suggests that this figure will still make up less than half of all the vehicles on the road

Will the UK watch the EV race from the back seat?

The UK is forecast to produce just 4% of the EVs built in Europe by 2030, according to a new report

Tech projects secure £20m to drive EV innovation

Projects including a scheme designed to improve the experience of driving a second-hand EV and another to support charging in rural areas have secured a share of £20m government funding

New Zealand’s drivers offered EV subsidies

Motorists in New Zealand who are looking to buy a new EV will be able to have a discount of up to AUD$8,625

Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone reaches full speed

Motorists whose vehicles do not meed Clean Air Zone standards will have to pay up to £50 daily fee

EVs will be ‘cheaper than diesel cars by 2027’

New research projects battery electric cars and vans could account for 100% of new sales by 2035