Wood you believe this new clean energy forestry partnership?

Ecotricity is partnering with the National Forest Company to help develop British woodland

Boardroom battle between green suppliers cools off

Ecotricity has cancelled a planned meeting with Good Energy regarding the proposed appointment of two of its senior representatives as non-executive directors at the rival firm. Founder of Ecotricity Dale Vince and Board Director Simon Crowfoot would have appeared at the meeting, with shareholders voting to approve or deny the move. The renewable energy companies […]

UK renewable supplier rivals in boardroom battle

Privately owned green energy supplier Ecotricity has launched a bid for seats on the board of rival firm Good Energy. The latter listed company said Ecotricity has attempted to requisition a general meeting to consider the appointment of Founder Dale Vince and Simon Crowfoot, who leads the Electric Highway unit, to the board as non-executive […]

Ecotricity to pilot energy storage technology

Independent supplier Ecotricity has announced plans to trial an energy storage project in the UK. The 2.5MW system will be installed just a few metres away from its head office in Stroud. That’s around the same output as a large wind mill and enough to power more than 1,200 kettles at once. The battery will […]

Greener web surfing for Gigaclear customers

Broadband provider Gigaclear has switched to a 100% renewable electricity provider. It has struck a deal with UK supplier Ecotricity, which will provide green power to its existing network of 82 broadband sites. Gigaclear specialises in connecting rural communities to high speed internet, connecting 35,000 properties to date. Ecotricity said it will also be working […]

Ecotricity green bond expected to raise above £12m

UK green energy supplier Ecotricity has announced its has received applications for more than £12 million of its “ecobond” so far. This is the fourth time the company is offering a green bond which enables its customers and the wider public to invest directly and share in the financial benefits of the firm’s work. “Ecobond four” offers investors a […]

Ecotricity to increase winter energy prices

Ecotricity has announced it is going to increase electricity and gas prices this winter. The green supplier said gas prices will rise by 3.8% and electricity by 7.8% from the 14th of November. It added bills in total could increase by an average of 5.7% which is just more than £1 a week for a regular home. The […]

Ecotricity buys 6.8% stake in Good Energy

Green energy supplier Ecotricity bought shares in one of its rival firms in March this year. It acquired 6.82% of Good Energy’s shares. The transaction made it the second largest shareholder in Good Energy. In a statement, Good Energy said: “Good Energy Group is rated as a ‘buy’ by the four analysts that follow Good Energy […]

Ecotricity to convert wind farms into hydbrid energy parks

Energy company Ecotricity is to install 18,000 solar panels in three wind farms in Leicestershire and Lincolnshire. The green supplier will build two solar farms with a capacity of 5MW each in Devon and Dalby. They will join existing wind farms to create hybrid energy parks. Ecotricity will also extend Fen Farm, a hybrid energy […]

Ecotricity enters UK domestic solar market

Green power provider Ecotricity has bought the UK home rooftop business of US solar giant SunEdison. The latter company has built a portfolio of nearly 1,000 rooftop solar installations under its ‘Energy Saving Plan’ in the UK. The service provided solar arrays at no upfront cost, with the potential of saving up to 15% on […]