Repsol breaks ground in Spain with first photovoltaic park

The new plant is expected to provide electricity to 183,000 people

Uzbekistan announces tender for 100MW wind energy plant

The tender is part of the nation’s goal to generate a quarter of all electricity from renewable sources by 2030

Australia pledges AUD$70m to boost renewable hydrogen development

The new funding aims to drive down the cost of producing renewable hydrogen through commercial scale electrolyser projects

Drax turns giant cooling tower blue in tribute to NHS

Engineers at Drax Power Station have installed blue lighting on one of the facility’s cooling towers in honour of health workers across the country

US injects $38m of funding into marine technology

Funds will support the development of hydrokinetic turbines, which will supply energy to remote communities and utility-scale applications

UK households paid to use electricity during Covid-19 lockdown

This happened as a surge in renewable generation on the weekend coincided with low demand caused by the coronavirus lockdown

New York grid workers to live ‘isolated’ at control centres

It says 37 workers have agreed to enter the ‘sequestration programme’ to keep the lights on during the coronavirus crisis

Unsafe electrical set-ups ‘could pose fire risk during work-from-home lockdown’

Consumer safety charity Electrical Safety First has looked into the dangers to which many new remote workers may be unknowingly exposing themselves during the coronavirus lockdown

Engie Italy offers free electricity to 93 hospitals

It will provide six months of free energy to hospitals in Italy that wish to expand to fight Covid-19

‘Millions of Brits still going out to top-up on electricity despite lockdown’

Bill Bullen, CEO of Utilita Energy, spoke to ELN about this issue