UK heat pump scheme raises installer shortage concerns

Recent statistics on the government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme reveal 21,438 applications for BUS vouchers, but only 16,156 vouchers were issued

Green gone wrong: Government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme fails to heat things up!

The scheme’s shortfall has been met with criticism from industry experts

Questions raised over EPG extension to all households

Experts have challenged whether the extra cost of £3 billion would be better spent on other long-term measures

Ofgem urged to examine UK heat pump rollout

A trade body has called for a “heat pump village” trial

Industry responds to April 2023 expiry date of Energy Price Guarantee

The government’s announcement might “create more insecurity” as the change has “several trade-offs”, the industry has said

Price cap hike ‘has blown a hole in government’s heat pump strategy’

The government has been urged to set out a “credible” domestic heating strategy able to survive under the current energy market

Government blamed for “Soviet-style heat pump policy”

A trade body has criticised the government’s “market mechanism” which they claim it penalises British boiler manufacturers

Industry reacts to government’s energy bill package

The industry has welcomed the Chancellor’s announcement but has also called for longer-term solutions

Industry responds to the Queen’s Speech

The government will bring forward an Energy Bill to deliver the “transition to cheaper, cleaner and more secure energy” – but what does the industry think?

Heat pump purchase dubbed ‘financially irrational’ investment

New study finds that buying a heat pump does not save money although it protects the environment