Water park makes waves with mega EV charging hub

Sale Water Park in Trafford, Greater Manchester, has introduced what is described as the region’s largest ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging hub, a £1 million project

Birmingham tops UK’s energy demand for EV charging

A report outlines the need for strategic grid reinforcement in Birmingham due to its large vehicle count

BBC Panorama’s electric vehicle report faces criticism

The REA has criticised the BBC Panorama report on EVs for allegedly presenting “outdated” and “inaccurate” information about EV charging infrastructure

London Mayor urges faster EV charging infrastructure rollout

Sadiq Khan has announced the installation of more than 80 new rapid charging points in London

Iberdrola and bp to invest €1bn in fast charging infrastructure

The investment will support a network of 11,700 fast chargers in Spain and Portugal

Northern Ireland sees number of EV chargers decrease

This is while the rest of the UK has witnessed growth, data shows

UK EVs smash new record

Last month, battery electric vehicles took their largest monthly share of the new car market in 2022, according to a report

Geographic disparities remain in UK’s EV charging rollout

Experts have warned that the government needs to increase the rate of public EV charger installations by 245% every month to hit its targets

Councils supercharged with £20m EV charging investment

The scheme will support EV charging infrastructure in nine local authorities

New York launches online hub to boost EV infrastructure expansion

The US state is expected to receive $175m over five years to support the deployment of fast-charging infrastructure and establish an interconnected network for charging