Changing climate ‘worsens Somalian locust plague’

The United Nations suggested unseasonably heavy rainfall and floods in the region were causing the locusts to stay in one place, meaning they are likely to breed again

New $250m loan for climate resilience in Kerala

The 2018 floods and landslides in Kerala affected around 5.4m people and 1.4m people were displaced from their homes

Climate change: Extreme weather ‘affected 60m people in 2018’

Earthquakes and tsunamis accounted for the majority of the 10,733 lives lost in disasters last year

Climate change driving global hunger increase, warns UN

The number of hungry people in the world has been growing, reaching 821m last year – that’s one in every nine people

Climate vulnerable nations ‘face additional $168bn in debt payments’

A new report warns borrowing for climate finance will become more expensive over time if action is not taken quickly

Environment Agency boss resigns

Sir Philip Dilley has resigned from his post as chairman of the Environment Agency. He faced heavy criticism during the recent flooding for holidaying in the Caribbean. The wettest month on record in the UK saw parts of northern England, including Yorkshire and Cumbria deluged by heavy rains. It left thousands of homes and businesses […]

Power cuts in Aberdeen due to floods

Some regions in Aberdeen have been affected by power cuts due to flooding and rising water levels. Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution stated it had switched off some local substations to protect the network. Around 97 properties in Torryburn and 152 in Ellon have no access to electricity. The company said engineers are working towards restoring supplies “as […]

Lancaster homes advised to use power ‘sparingly’

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Floods in Europe could cost up to €100bn a year by 2080

River floods in Europe could cost up to €100 billion annually by 2080. They would also affect nearly one million people. A new study by the European Commission stated under high levels of global warming and extreme climate scenarios the costs would increase to an estimated €40 billion by just 2050 and affect more than […]

Obama issues dire warning on climate change

Climate change is already having a devastating impact in every corner of the US and could get worse if no action is taken, according to a new report. The third National Climate Assessment (NCA), a study commissioned by the White House, suggests the number of extreme weather events has increased in the last 50 years, […]