Nord Stream compressor station deemed “hazardous”

Russia’s regulators have allegedly warned that the offline Nord Stream compressor station can “no longer operate legally”

Russia to close Nord Stream 1 taps for three days

Gazprom has said the gas supply will be ceased due to a “three-day servicing” in a “preventive maintenance period”

Gazprom: sanctions make delivery of Nord Stream gas turbine impossible

The German Chancellor has blamed Russia as “there are no technical reasons” for reduced gas supplies

Gazprom asks Siemens to provide papers on gas turbine return

The company has said it expects Siemens to fulfill its obligation on the repair of gas turbine engines

Gazprom says it cannot guarantee the safe operation of Nord Stream

The energy giant stated it did not know if the gas turbine would eventually be returned from Canada

Canada faces legal action over its decision to return Nord Stream 1 turbine

A Ukrainian group has said Canada’s decision to allow the return was not “reasonable, transparent or properly authorised”

Will the outage at Norwegian gas hub impact exports to the UK?

Gas leaks led to the closure of Equinor’s Sleipner Riser gas transportation hub

Russia’s Gazprom reduces Nord Stream gas flows to Europe again

Germany’s Economy Minister accused the company of trying to drive energy prices higher

Siemens opens £13m operations centre in Lincoln

The Global Service Operations Centre (GSOC) will manage parts and services to support the global network

Siemens gives Kuwaiti gas plant ‘clean’ 263MW boost

Siemens is to boost the capacity of a power plant in Kuwait by 263MW, without using any additional gas. The company plans to expand the Az Zour South 3 open cycle gas turbine power plant and convert it to a highly efficient combined cycle system. The addition of both a high pressure turbine and a lower pressure […]