Gazprom asks Siemens to provide papers on gas turbine return

The company has said it expects Siemens to fulfill its obligation on the repair of gas turbine engines

Big Zero Report 2022

Russia’s Gazprom has announced it has requested Siemens for documents that will allow the return of a gas turbine that is a “crucial part” of the Nord Stream pipeline.

In a statement, the energy giant said: “On 15th July Gazprom formally approached Siemens with a request to provide documents that, taking into account the current sanction regimes imposed by Canada and the EU, would be necessary for transferring back to Russia a gas turbine for the Portovaya CS, which is a facility of critical importance to the Nord Stream gas pipeline.”

Last Thursday. Gazprom said it could not guarantee the safe operation of the Nord Stream as it did not know if the gas turbine would eventually be returned from Canada.

Countries had raised concerns about the impact of reduced gas flows through the Nord Stream on their energy supplies and the level of gas prices.

Gazprom continued: “The company also formally requested the Siemens Group to fulfill its obligations on repair and maintenance of gas turbine engines.

“Gazprom expects that the Siemens Group will unconditionally fulfill its obligations on the maintenance of the gas turbine engines that are essential for reliable operation of the Nord Stream gas pipeline and natural gas supplies to European consumers.”

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