UK should ‘urgently extend climate laws to other environmental threats’

The Institute of Public Policy Research is calling for binding targets for the rapid reduction of environmental impacts, including biodiversity and air quality

Climate change
UK Government should be put on ‘war footing’ against climate change

The Institute for Public Policy Research has launched the Environmental Justice Commission to tackle global warming

Dried river basin
The collapse of civilisation could be just around the corner…

A new report suggests the effects of global warming could lead to migration, conflict, famine and societal breakdown

UK Government ‘to miss fuel poverty target by at least 60 years’

Think tank IPPR is calling for a ‘fundamental reform’ of the Energy Company Obligation scheme

Capacity Market ‘doesn’t secure energy supply’

The Capacity Market (CM) is “unnecessarily” expensive for consumers and doesn’t help to secure energy supply. That’s according to the Institute for Public and Policy Research (IPPR) which said the £2.8 billion subsidies to power companies is not enough to achieve the government’s energy trilemma. The CM is an annual auction which was introduced in 2014 to […]

Europe COULD break reliance on Russian gas claims thinktank

Europe could throw off the shackles of reliance on Russia for natural gas, a thinktank suggested today. The IPPR said a new target for improving Europe’s energy efficiency by 35% by 2030 would cut the EU’s gas dependency by a third – around the same amount of EU gas demand currently met by Russia. What’s […]

Cities – the new energy powerhouses?

Cities and local authorities are budding new energy “powerhouses” – and could replace the Big Six in providing clean, competitive energy supplies. The centre-left thinktank IPPR linked with Labour suggests Britain’s cities should get “even more active” in energy markets in a new report published today. It points to examples such as the Greater London […]

Britain following ‘worst of all worlds’ offshore wind strategy

The UK Government is not doing enough to attract offshore wind turbine makers and its plans to encourage new wind farms are expensive and flawed, a new study has found. The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) said the British Isles have “ideal building conditions” but is not being taken advantage of and more needs […]

UK ‘risks falling behind on electric cars’

The UK is at risk of falling behind other nations when it comes to electric cars according to new analysis. Although Britain now has the world’s fifth most competitive automotive industry in the world, with Formula One an example of technological innovation, this lead “will not be maintained automatically” suggests the left-leaning think tank IPPR […]

Wind power “is not inefficient” gusts new report

A think-tank has blasted claims wind power is inefficient or unreliable as “untrue”. The left-leaning Independent Public Policy Research centre (IPPR) sets out research which suggests wind power is an effective way of cutting carbon emissions. The IPPR report counters the idea wind is unreliable, stating wind power output is “remarkably stable and increases and […]