“UK lags in global green growth race”

The IPPR has voiced concerns about the UK’s global standing in green growth, citing the lack of a comprehensive green industrial strategy as a critical factor

UK urged to launch ‘Dragons’ Den’ green fund to compete in net zero race

The Institute for Public Policy Research has cautioned that the UK’s pursuit of a net zero is at risk of lagging behind the US and EU unless the government significantly increases its investments in green initiatives

Green investment: “Government has its fingers in its ears”

The IPPR has warned the UK is falling behind international competitors, including the US and EU

‘UK needs to splash out extra £5.8bn in energy efficiency to cut bills’

Households boosted with energy efficiency and low carbon heating measures could save £500 a year from April, according to a report

1st April branded as ‘dark day for the poorest’

A think tank has called for more support for low income families

Industry responds to the government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy

Industry leaders said the programme is a “step in the right direction” but lacks ambition

‘Government installs nearly 6% of the heat pumps needed for net zero’

The Institute for Public Policy Research calls on the government to spend £6 billion a year in green measures to reach its decarbonisation targets

Government urged to make buses free to all by 2025 in net zero blueprint

‘Fairness lock’ is essential to net zero transition, the IPPR Environmental Justice Commission suggests

Revolutionise UK home heating with heat pumps and high energy efficiency standards

The scale of investment could create around 275,000 jobs in England alone and potentially lower energy bills for households, the IPPR reports

Investing in a green recovery ‘could create 1.6 million new jobs after the coronavirus crisis’

A new report from IPPR suggests delivering a clean and fair recovery, including a drive to insulate homes and fit low carbon heating, is the ‘best way’ to boost the economy