‘Government installs nearly 6% of the heat pumps needed for net zero’

The Institute for Public Policy Research calls on the government to spend £6 billion a year in green measures to reach its decarbonisation targets

The UK is installing almost 6% of the heat pumps needed to reach net zero.

That is one of the worrying findings of the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) report, which estimates the government is also falling behind its own targets in cavity wall and loft insulation prioritising just 9% and 3% respectively of what is needed.

The think tank calls on the government to deliver ambitious home insulation and clean heating strategy to hit its targets.

The IPPR proposes that the government needs to develop a “big and bold” programme, which they name GreenGO scheme.

That would provide a brand that would provide easy financial support for green measures.

The authors of the report noted the government should invest £6 billion a year into the scheme.

That is estimated to help an average of approximately 650,000 households per year install insulation and heat pumps.

Luke Murphy, Head of the IPPR Environmental Justice Commission, said: “The UK has a long way to go to reduce the pollution created by the way we heat our homes, but ensuring everyone has an affordable, clean and warm home is eminently achievable with the right policy action.

“The government must not repeat the mistakes of previous green home schemes, and instead go big with a scheme that truly flips the dial on home decarbonisation.”

A BEIS spokesperson said: “Over the next 15 years, we will incentivise households to gradually transition away from fossil fuels for heating as people replace their appliances with less polluting and more efficient alternatives. Our approach will ensure this gradual transition is fair and affordable for consumers and the taxpayer.

“We have already committed £1.3 billion to supporting upgrades to home energy efficiency and our upcoming Heat and Buildings Strategy, which will be published shortly, will set out our approach for the future.”

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