US Senate passes ‘largest investment ever’ in combating climate crisis

The bill is believed to lower consumers’ electricity costs and prices for solar panels, wind turbines and EVs

Huge blow for US climate mitigation, as Supreme Court rules against EPA

This means Congress will now have to pass off on any climate regulations

G7 warned ‘don’t allow climate to take a back seat’

A new report implores the leaders to reject a return to fossil fuels, during their recent meeting in Germany

G7 look to hit Russia with oil price cap

The nations are hopeful this will prevent further financing of the war in Ukraine

US Government proposes new energy efficiency standards for home gas furnaces

Under the plans, non-weatherised gas furnaces and those used in mobile homes would be required to achieve an annual fuel utilisation efficiency of 95%

Biden: “Exxon made more money than God this year”

The US President has slammed the oil sector over huge profits amid the energy crisis

US charges EV battery manufacturing with $3.1bn

The new investment aims to support US domestic EV battery production

Biden orders ‘unprecedented and largest ever’ release of US oil reserves

The president plans to release one million barrels of crude oil daily for six months starting in May

EU closes deal for US gas supply to cut Russian dependency

It is looking to cut its use of Russian gas by two-thirds this year

Could a $900m bid buy a piece of New York seabed?

The ‘biggest offshore wind lease sale’ in the US has secured $3bn bids so far