New York passes law banning gas burning in new buildings

The legislation is part of the Mayor’s Green New Deal

Philadelphia told turn off lights to prevent bird strikes

Artificial lights are thought to distract birds and ultimately cause them to crash onto buildings

Carnaby Street’s Christmas lights illuminate the need for ocean conservation

The decorations used are made up of recycled, repurposed or reusable materials, including water-based, eco-friendly, vegan paint

Cod LEDs have their plaice in energy efficient fishing?

Green or blue LEDS could replace energy-intensive incandescent lighting used to lure fish towards bait

Londoners – stop leaving the lights on!

The capital’s inhabitants are the nation’s most likely to leave lights and appliances turned on when not in use

LED market to grow 21.7% per year to 2020

The LED industrial lighting market is forecast to grow by 21.7% per year until 2020. That’s according to the ‘Global LED Industrial Lighting Market 2016-2020 report’, in which experts cover the market landscape and its growth prospects in the short term. It analysed big firms such as GE Lighting, OSRAM, Samsung Electronics and LG Innotek. The report found […]

Festivals told to pick energy saving light towers

Anyone who’s picked their way through a field full of tents after a music festival knows how tricky campsites can be in the dark. But temporary lighting at festivals can be wasteful, powered by inefficient diesel or petrol generators. The European Festival Association has in the past issued a guide about going green and festivals […]

LED tennis court light prices drop – to $20k

An American maker of lighting systems for sports courts is touting advances in technology which have let it drop prices. LED technology is “constantly improving” in energy efficiency, lumen output and module life while the cost is falling, according to the firm. But tennis players shouldn’t hold their breath – even with the new lower […]

Shopping centres save £1m with LED lights

A group of car parks and shopping centres has dramatically slashed their energy use to make savings of £1 million over 2013. The giant roll-out of energy saving lights involved installing nearly 57,000 LED (light emitting diode) light bulbs. Improving the lights at 13 shopping centres around the UK – such as Eldon Square in […]

New London street lights could slash 40% of energy use

London’s street lamps could use 40% less energy by 2016 as new plans are afoot to replace them with energy saving, light emitting diode (LED) lights. In three years’ time Transport for London hopes to save £1.85million a year with the scheme. The lighting system will also become centrally controlled.  In the process this should slash CO2 […]