Cornwall Council responds: Lights left on lead to staff training

Cornwall Council has responded to reports over lights left on at one of its buildings by announcing staff training to ensure lights are switched off

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Cornwall Council has acknowledged the mistake of leaving lights on at one of its buildings, prompting the need for staff training on switching them off.

A dog walker who captured photos of the Chy Trevail building raised concerns about the local authority’s energy conservation efforts.

A council spokesperson confirmed it was an accidental oversight and assured measures will be taken to prevent a recurrence.

The spokesperson said: “Following an investigation, we can confirm the atrium lights at Chy Trevail were left switched on accidentally on this occasion.

“Training will be given to ensure this is an isolated incident. Cornwall Council is committed to reducing its energy use and has taken many steps to do so, including the installation of solar panels at both County Hall in Truro and at Chy Trevail.

“A new lighting control system has also been installed in Truro to ensure the amount of time lights are left switched on is minimised.”

ELN has contacted Cornwall Council for a comment.

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