Coronavirus lockdown triggers 23% fall in Devon’s CO2 emissions

Air quality has also improved with the concentration of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter in the air falling by 50% from last year

‘UK’s leakiest homes could feel the squeeze of a £50 rise in energy bills during winter lockdown’

Families in poorly-insulated homes could face heating bills elevated on average to £124 per month, compared with £76 for those in well-insulated homes, according to a new report

UK’s household energy bills at their lowest since 2018

With global power demand and wholesale energy prices nose-diving during the lockdown, energy tariffs have dropped significantly

‘EU must restart economy by launching biggest green investment plan the world has ever seen’

More than one million people and 100 environmental NGOs across Europe are calling on MEPS to ensure the EU’s Recovery Fund and seven-year budget is sustainably-focused

IndianOil resumes operations, with refineries operating at 60% capacity

The Indian oil and gas giant aims to scale up operations to 80% by May’s end, as demand gradually picks up

‘UK households waste less food during coronavirus lockdown’

Nearly a third of UK consumers say they are cooking more creatively during the lockdown, while 30% have started saving leftovers, according to a survey

London’s roads to be transformed to boost green travel in life after lockdown

The new plan suggests the city could see a possible ten-fold increase in cycling and a five-fold increase in walking when lockdown restrictions are eased

Richmond Council encourages residents to keep a climate change diary

The diary would record changes in the local community and give an ‘interesting insight into some of the possible areas of change’

Veolia launches quick response disinfection service in bid to curb the Covid-19 pandemic

The service could help sanitise buildings with confirmed or suspected cases to minimise risk of infection spread, especially as businesses gradually return to work

Sellafield shifts focus to high priority work as it restarts operations

The nuclear decommissioning facility will focus on high hazard projects with a reduced workforce and social distancing norms in place