Modi and May unveil £10m clean energy project

The UK and India have announced the launch of a £10 million clean energy research and development (R&D) centre. It is part of Prime Ministers Theresa May and Narendra Modi’s bold vision for the two nations’ Strategic Partnership. Ms May is currently on a three-day visit to India to further strengthen the partnership, including in […]

Lightbulb moment for Indian PM

It was a lightbulb moment for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday as he launched a scheme to spread LED bulbs throughout homes in Delhi. He also opened a national scheme to get the low energy bulbs in homes and streetlamps across the country. According to the Prime Minister’s website, Modi called for a people’s […]

India opens huge solar farm

India has connected a huge 600MW solar panel farm to its electricity grid. Built in the state of Gujarat on the west coast of India, the farm is said to be Asia’s largest at the moment. Covering 3000 acres of land, the ‘Gujarat Solar Park’ was built in a year, joining the grid last week. […]