‘Only 4% of UK citizens trust politicians to be honest about the environment’

Politicians were the second-least trusted group after celebrities, who were trusted by only 3% of the populace

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry resigns

The former Texas Governor

Should MPs face jail for failing to enforce environmental rules?

Environmental Action Germany (DUH) brought forward legal action after Bavaria failed to implement clean air rulings to reduce pollution levels

“I’m partly to blame for energy mess” – David Porter confesses all in new book

The former boss of an energy trade body has admitted he is “partly to blame” for the mistrust of energy suppliers. In an interview with ELN David Porter, one-time chief executive of the Association of Electricity Producers suggested he should have told politicians more strongly to keep their nose out of the industry. However he said responsibility also lies […]

EXCLUSIVE: David Porter’s book blasts politicians for high energy prices

Politicians’ tinkering in the energy market “has led to the current shortage of generating capacity which we’ve got to face for a few years”. So says the man who was at the birth of the energy market as we know today with its deregulation at the end of the Eighties. David Porter was at the helm of the industry […]

World is stuck in energy “no-man’s land”

The world is stuck in energy “no-man’s land” between fossil fuels and renewables, the pioneering environmentalist Jonathon Porritt has told ELN. The former chairman of the Green Party also described UK energy policy as a “mess” and claimed all energy consumers are getting “ripped off”. But he struck a more positive note when considering the […]