City leaders representing 20 million people sign clean air plan

They called for the Environment Bill to be renamed and for a number of changes to be made

Air pollution pumps up the risk of heart attacks

A new report from the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants outlines a range of cardiovascular risks

Europe’s urban air pollution ‘as unhealthy as smoking’

Spending a long weekend in Istanbul or Prague could have the same health impacts as smoking up to four cigarettes

UK’s ‘car addiction costing economy more than £6bn in health costs a year’

The health damage associated with diesel vehicle emissions is shown to be around 20 times more than electric vehicles

Mayor of London doubles air quality funding

The Major of London has said he will double funding to improve London’s air quality. Sadiq Khan announced £875 million of spending over the next five years ahead of the draft publication of Transport for London’s (TfL) business plan later this week. That’s an increase from £425 million the previous Mayor allocated to tackle the […]

Could trees make air pollution worse?

Trees at the sides of the road can trap pollutants under their canopy and actually make air pollution in certain cities worse. That’s according to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which has released draft guidance for the government to combat air pollution. The UK public body, which gives independent health guidance to […]

Car park filters ‘could halve city air pollution’

Installing air purification equipment in underground car parks can reduce harmful particulate matter by up to half. Researchers from Eindhoven’s University of Technology have successfully tested an innovative filtering system from ENS Technology to remove soot and smoke particles from the air. The car park filters capture harmful, fine airborne dust and converts it to a […]

Energy awards ‘crucial for differentiating standards of care’

Award programmes are playing an increasingly important role for businesses and are particularly crucial for differentiating standards of care in the energy industry. That’s the view of energy company CNG Ltd, which is sponsoring one of the categories at The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCAs) next week. The firm told ELN it particularly chose the […]