Retailers offered cash for water efficient business customers

Thames Water will provide a one-off payment of 5p per litre per day of water saved for each of their customers

Is your business participating in the energy efficiency tax consultation?

Around 39% of retailers don’t intend to participate in the government’s next energy efficiency tax landscape consultation. That’s according to a survey by npower Business Solutions which questioned 100 retailers on the government’s plans to abolish the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme while increasing the Climate Change Levy. The initial consultation, launched last September, is part […]

UK retailers on course to meet 2020 green targets

British retailers are on track to meet their 2020 environmental targets. That’s according to a report by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) which stated the industry is making “significant” progress around carbon emissions, water management and waste reduction. The BRC set environmental targets such as reducing absolute carbon emissions by 25% and halving energy-related emissions […]

Chilling message to cut fridges’ energy waste

High street supermarkets have been sternly rebuked for not “closing the door” on open refrigerator units. A new report called “The Chilling Facts” points to feedback from retailers that adding doors can lead to energy savings of about 33%. Slamming “near-Arctic conditions” in shopping aisles, the campaign group Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) said the take-up […]

Retailers sign up to tough new green goals

Waitrose and M&S are among a group of top retailers in the UK to sign up to new green goals including slashing their carbon emissions from deliveries and minimising waste. The 25 signatories including Argos, Asda, B&Q, Sainsbury’s, Wickes, Co-operative, Greggs and John Lewis pledged to reduce absolute carbon emissions by 25% by 2020. Targets […]

Retailers smash waste targets but households ‘narrowly miss’

Retailers smashed their targets for reducing supply chain and packaging waste last year but household waste targets have been missed. A new report published today revealed traditional grocery product and packaging waste was cut by 7.4% or 217,000 tonnes, exceeding the 5% target. Household food and drink waste was however only reduced by 3.7%, falling […]

US spending on energy management to rise billions

Spending on energy management from the United States’ largest firms will rise more than three billion dollars over the next three years, analysts have predicted. New research by Verdantix suggests firms which earn more than $1 billion in revenue spent $13.1 billion on energy management in 2012. It predicts this figure will reach $16.5 billion […]

Retailers pledge to cut waste by another million tonnes

Retailers including Aldi, M&S and Waitrose have refreshed their pledge to cut food and drink waste. In the third phase of the Courtauld agreement launched yesterday, 45 firms including all major grocery retailers promised to slash another 1.1million tonnes of waste by 2015. Other firms signed up include Boots, Nestle, Tesco, the smoothie makers Innocent, […]

Retailers trumpet beaten green goals

British retailers today trumpeted their progress on beating self-imposed goals for cutting carbon emissions and waste. A report released today by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) shows retailers exceeded targets in energy efficiency, water use and cutting down emissions from transport, while they are “on track” to getting their customers to do the same. The […]

Retailers’ utility bills rise nearly £3bn in two years

Retailers’ electricity, gas and waste costs have soared nearly £3billion over the last two years. According to new research by Oxford Economics, utility costs have risen 17% since 2010 to £2.7 billion in 2012. That’s despite retailers investing to slash energy use by 20% since 2008. The figures are part of a wider survey commissioned […]