BT ‘leads FTSE 100 in terms of managing climate risks’

The company beat previous winner Marks & Spencer to take top place on EcoAct’s green leaderboard

Only a tenth of firms incentivise climate mitigation at board level

This is despite more than 80% overseeing climate change issues at the board level

Deforestation risks $941bn – leaf it out!

International businesses are risking $941 billion (£711bn) of investments by failing to adequately address the risks posed by deforestation. That’s according to a new report from CDP based on 201 global companies’ disclosures regarding the four commodities responsible for the bulk of deforestation and forest degradation – cattle products, palm oil, timber products and soy. […]

‘Environmental dangers will shape the next decade’

Intensifying environmental dangers will be the second most influential factor in shaping the next decade. That’s according to a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), which predicted economic inequality will be the largest contributing factor to global risks, then climate change, with societal polarisation coming in at third place. For the study, 750 experts assessed the 30 largest global risks […]

Oil firms accused of failing to disclose climate risks

Two oil and gas companies have been reported to the UK financial regulator for allegedly failing to disclose climate change risks. In letters to the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), environmental law organisation ClientEarth has requested intervention to correct “defective reporting” by Cairn Energy and SOCO International. The FRC is the regulator responsible for monitoring compliance […]

UK must take urgent action on climate change, warn government advisers

The impacts of climate change are already being felt in the UK and urgent action is required to address the risks. The warning from the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC) follows more than three years of work involving hundreds of leading scientists and experts. Its 2,000-page report states 14 out of the […]

Shale investors ‘risking $8.9bn on oil price rollercoaster’

Investors have been pouring in billions of dollars in the US shale industry however some of the investment could be at risk. New analysis suggests investors could face a bumpy ride as a result of uncertain oil prices. The Carbon Tracker Initiative found around $8.9 billion (£6.3bn) of equity has already been issued in the […]

'Water has had detrimental impact on half of businesses'

Problems with water supply have had a detrimental impact on business in the last five years, for half of the big companies surveyed in an annual global water report. The non-profit organisation  CDP used data provided by 180 companies listed on the FTSE Global 500 Equity Index and found the percentage of companies predicting that problems […]

Beware of risk factor in race for oil

Companies planning to exploit oil and gas in countries where conflict is an everyday occurrence aren’t fully thinking about the risks, a security advisor has warned the industry. With firms looking further afield to find prized fossil fuels, risks cannot be ignored, said James Hopkinson of Blue Hackle, which operates in higher risk locations like […]