Thames Water fined £3.34m for polluting rivers

A judge has ruled that Thames Water’s actions resulted in severe pollution of rivers in Sussex and Surrey, causing the death of thousands of fish

Largest criminal investigation into potential sewage permit breaches launched

The Environment Agency’s initial assessment suggests “widespread” and “serious” non-compliance of environmental permit conditions by all water companies

‘Toxic chemical cocktails found in over 1,600 English water sites’

Up to 101 chemicals have been detected in river samples, including the rivers Mersey, Thames, Trent, Irwell, Medway, Humber and Avon, according to a study

Water company fines in England to be used for environmental improvements

Currently, money from fines imposed by water regulator Ofwat and those from Environment Agency prosecutions is given to the Treasury

The sewage storm after the calm!

Unspecified amounts of untreated sewage were reportedly discharged onto 50 beaches in England and Wales this week

England’s first hosepipe ban to come into effect

The hosepipe ban in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight aims to protect the habitats of rivers in these regions

Farmers to be offered grants of up to £30k for ‘greener’ practices

Regenerative practices designed to protect rivers will be supported by Severn Trent’s funding

Thames Water blamed for dumping raw sewage into rivers over 5,000 times in 2021

Campaigners have claimed that the company dumped untreated water for more than 68,000 hours into rivers

United Utilities completes £164m rebuild of wastewater treatment plant

The project is believed to be the largest purpose-built Nereda process plant in Europe

Water firms urged to unveil plans to protect rivers after ‘regular’ sewage spills

Ofwat expects water companies to publish plans that run up to March 2025 and they should support any forthcoming targets from government regarding improvements to river quality