Shift away from meat could start from prisons and schools, say scientists

Plant-based burgers should be available at scale in public institutions to promote the uptake of alternative proteins, according to a report

Liverpool schools see £2.2m added to energy bills after council error

The funds for these bills will need to be found from other departmental savings, the council has said

Is the UK plotting budget cuts to boost its nuclear power dreams?

The Treasury is reportedly reviewing the government spending on projects such as roads, rail and schools

Will free jumpers for poorer kids help UK schools keep the gas on?

Teachers have warned they might have to offer jumpers to poor students as the energy crisis kicks in

Energy costs take front seat in British classes

Several schools across the UK are reportedly considering adopting a three-day lesson plan to save money on their energy bills

Government unleashes £1bn package to make schools greener

Nearly sixty schools are set to receive environmentally friendly rebuilds or refurbishments

Biodiversity and sustainability to be on kids’ GCSEs

UK ministers are considering the introduction of a climate change-based qualification

Solar panels to be installed in Welsh schools, care home and crematorium

They are part of the Welsh Government’s support to drive community-owned renewable energy projects

NI schools could be hit by £13m of increased fuel costs

Schools will have to pay more for electricity oil and gas, according to a new report

Are British school classes filled with CO2?

Nearly one-in-eight schools and colleges have “too high” levels of carbon dioxide, according to a government survey