Will the shutdown of Hinkley Point B today put more strain on grid?

The remaining unit at Hinkley Point B is due to come offline today

EDF to redesign British reactors after leaks at Chinese nuclear power station

The energy giant has reportedly been forced to redesign Britain’s proposed reactors after failures at Chinese plant

Sizewell C ‘a step forward’ for energy supply and reliability

That’s the claim of an economics professor, after the government granted the site right to go-ahead

‘Sizewell C licence application met almost all requirements’

Two issues need to be resolved before the licence application moves to the next stage

Sizewell C and Rolls-Royce awarded millions in carbon capture funding

The government will fund direct air capture projects, the scaled versions of which are predicted to capture millions of tonnes of CO2 every year

UK consults on new nuclear reactor at Sizewell C in Suffolk

The Environment Agency is seeking views over a 12-week period on its proposed decision to grant three permits relating for the planned £20m nuclear power plant

Is Centrica eyeing investment in Sizewell C nuclear power station?

The British Gas owner will reportedly support the project taking a stake

EDF reportedly ready to pull out of Sizewell C nuclear project

Unions have warned that the UK’s nuclear future will be at risk if the government investment decision for the project is delayed

Government buys stake in Sizewell C nuclear power station

In January, ministers took a £100 million option in the project

Government ‘plans to take 20% stake in Sizewell C nuclear plant’

The BBC reports French energy giant EDF will also take a 20% stake in the project