Rolls-Royce plans mini-nuclear reactors for UK by 2029

The firm said the deployment of small modular reactors could make build costs more predictable and affordable, lowering the price of electricity for consumers

Views sought on £40m thermal hydraulic research and testing facility

The facility is expected to position the UK to take advantage of nuclear fission new build and small modular reactor deployment

Amec Foster Wheeler to lead £2.9m nuclear research

A project management firm has been appointed by the UK Government to lead a £2.9 million research programme into the next generation of nuclear power. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) awarded the contract to Amec Foster Wheeler to use virtual engineering and high-performance computing to improve the design, development and construction of […]

Government ‘must encourage investment in small modular reactors’

Small modular reactors (SMR) could be operating in the UK by 2030 as there is potential for early deployment of the technology. However to make that happen, the government “has a crucial role” to play in encouraging early investor confidence, the Energy and Technologies Institute (ETI) said. Its report calls for the development of a strong […]