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Octopus launches new partnership to offer cheaper home energy

Octopus Energy and Enphase Energy have teamed up to bring Enphase's solar and battery systems to the UK, allowing Octopus customers to access low cost residential energy rates and smart tariffs

Octopus Energy Group has partnered with Enphase Energy, a supplier of solar and battery systems.

This collaboration aims to introduce Enphase’s technology to UK households, enabling customers to integrate solar and battery systems into their energy plans for cost-effective solutions.

Through this partnership, Octopus Energy will use its software platform, Kraken, to manage distributed energy resources, allowing customers to benefit from smart tariffs and savings on electricity bills.

Devrim Celal, Chief Executive Officer of Kraken Technologies, said: “By integrating Enphase’s systems with Octopus Energy’s forward-thinking approach to energy management, we’re not only driving down costs for consumers but also creating a cheaper, greener grid in real time.”

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