Paving the way for businesses to start their net zero journey

Sean Langford from SmartestEnergy and Experienced Energy Solutions’ Craig Watson told ELN how sustainably-minded businesses can get started on going green

SmartestEnergy buys small business supplier Dual Energy

The latter company focuses on installing smart meters to help firms to better manage their consumption and reduce their energy bills

Wind energy
Subsidy cuts see energy investors shift focus away from renewables

A new report from SmartestEnergy suggests battery storage technology and gas peaking plants are being increasingly invested in

SmartestEnergy launches new grid flexibility service

Its product uses technology provided by Origami Energy

Big Six ‘can’t survive as they are in new energy future’

Robert Groves, CEO of SmartestEnergy, said their role was likely to change dramatically

Talking Energy: Robert Groves (SmartestEnergy)

Sumit Bose talks to Robert Groves (SmartestEnergy) in the latest edition of Talking Energy.

SmartestEnergy gets flexible by signing new deal

SmartestEnergy has signed a deal to adopt a flexible energy management platform. Created by Origami Energy, the technology allows both providers and users of flexible energy contracts to accurately monitor and automatically dispatch large numbers and types of assets in real-time. SmartestEnergy says the role of energy flexibility is growing in importance as the industry continues […]

SmartestEnergy manages Enel’s 25MW battery project

SmartestEnergy is providing commercial services for a new 25MW battery storage project in Tynemouth. The independent supplier is providing the commercial services for Enel’s lithium-ion-based facility, which means it will supply energy to and manage the offtake from the battery units. The firm will also provide services to support an Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) contract […]

Private power lights up Scotland

The number of Scottish companies, communities and farms generating their own electricity has risen by more than 50% in the last year. New figures show £80.8m was invested in 775 green technologies – up from just 509 in 2013. They included wind (497), hydro (173), solar (32) and anaerobic digestion (43). The projects generated £271 million […]

Energy innovation ‘doesn’t have to wait for policy’

Energy entrepreneurs with a great idea don’t have to wait for government policy to make it happen. Robert Groves, CEO of SmartestEnergy – an electricity supplier to large industrial and commercial organisations – believes innovation is “absolutely key” for the future of the energy industry and businesses shouldn’t wait for regulation to create an environment […]