Big Six ‘can’t survive as they are in new energy future’

Robert Groves, CEO of SmartestEnergy, said their role was likely to change dramatically

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The Big Six energy suppliers ‘can’t survive as they are in the new energy future’.

That’s according to Robert Groves, CEO of SmartestEnergy, who spoke to ELN Editor Sumit Bose about the changing landscape of the energy sector.

He suggested they are unlikely to be the right people to own large energy assets in coming years and added they are in a “conflicted position” between protecting the existing status quo and taking the leap towards an uncertain and unproven future.

The future of energy supply will be discussed by SmartestEnergy at Energy Live Expo on 31st October in London, with Energy Minister Claire Perry headlining the event.

To book your place (free if you are an end user), you can e-mail [email protected].

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