Sizewell C and Rolls-Royce awarded millions in carbon capture funding

The government will fund direct air capture projects, the scaled versions of which are predicted to capture millions of tonnes of CO2 every year

Vatenfall explores building small modular reactors in Sweden

It is looking at the conditions for building at least two SMRs adjacent to the Ringhals nuclear power plant and bring them into operation by the early 2030s

Inquiry: Could Wylfa be the UK’s next nuclear power station?

The Welsh Affairs Committee will explore the economic impact of a new nuclear power station at Wylfa and Wales’ role in the UK Government’s nuclear ambitions

New partnership to advance very small modular reactors in Canadian province

The Saskatchewan Research Council and Westinghouse Electric Canada will jointly develop a project for an eVinci micro-reactor for the development and testing of industrial, research and energy use applications

Moltex and SNC-Lavalin partner to advance nuclear energy

Moltex is developing nuclear technologies, including a Stable Salt Reactor – Wasteburner, which uses recycled nuclear waste as fuel and a Waste to Stable Salt process for recycling nuclear waste

Rolls-Royce mini nuclear reactor technology takes step forward!

BEIS has asked Britain’s nuclear regulator to start the approval process for the design of Rolls-Royce SMR

EDF to buy part of GE Steam Power’s nuclear activities

The proposed deal includes the latter company’s nuclear turbine unit in France, which comprises of the Arabelle turbine, claimed to be the world’s most powerful steam turbine in operation

Rolls-Royce looking for a home for its new nuclear factory

Rolls-Royce is in pursuit of bids for a site that would host factory making small nuclear power plants

UK forges ‘energy independence’ with new mini nuclear reactor funding

The grants will support the development of Rolls-Royce SMR

Industry responds to Net Zero Strategy

A “key step forward” or a “huge letdown” – what does the industry think?