Rolls-Royce mini nuclear reactor technology takes step forward!

BEIS has asked Britain’s nuclear regulator to start the approval process for the design of Rolls-Royce SMR

The government has asked its nuclear reactor to start the process for the approval of Rolls-Royce small nuclear reactor (SMR).

The company predicts that each of these mini nuclear plants could power around one million homes.

In November, the government announced a £210 million grant for the development of the SMRs.

It had previously unveiled plans for a new financing model for nuclear projects, known as the Regulated Asset Base.

Ministers also pledged to invest around £1.7 billion in at least one large-scale nuclear project.

The Office for Nuclear Regulation has said the assessment for Rolls-Royce 470MW SMR design will begin once the necessary arrangements around timescales and resources have been put in place.

In response to Rolls-Royce SMR’s announcement that its nuclear power plant design enters the Generic Design Assessment process, a Nuclear Industry Association spokesperson said: “This is a vital step forward for British nuclear technology.

“The UK needs the Rolls-Royce SMR to strengthen our energy security and cut our dependence on gas as we move toward net zero.

“The SMR can also play an essential role in enhancing British industrial capability, creating tens of thousands of jobs, revitalising the nuclear skills base and boosting the green economic recovery.”

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