Residents living in ‘back-to-back’ council homes to secure ‘green’ measures

More than a thousand residents are set to benefit from energy efficiency upgrades

Lambeth launches £4.2m scheme to reduce residents’ energy bills

The social housing retrofit programme aims to help residents save an average of £237 per year on their energy bills

West Midlands social homes secure £7.5m retrofit boost

More than 620 of the ‘worst’ energy-performing homes will get a boost to improve their energy efficiency

Government unlocks £179m energy efficiency package for social homes

Nearly 20,000 social homes will receive upgrades, including heat pumps, solar panels and insulation measures

Social homes boosted with low carbon heating solution by UKPN

Hybrid boilers paired with solar panels and batteries will save customers money and cut emissions

Scottish Government invests £8.7m in green infrastructure projects

One of the projects will be a district heat network using heat from a waste water treatment works

EU bank commits €1bn for energy efficient social housing in France

The new scheme is expected to help finance the renovation of around 70,000 social housing units across France, helping reduce the primary energy use of buildings by at least 40%

Manchester becomes home to ‘UK’s first’ net zero social homes

Insulation, triple-glazed windows, air source heat pumps and heat recovery systems are fitted to two new homes

UK unlocks £160m energy efficiency package for social houses

The investment is forecast to help tenants save around £170 per year on energy bills

Welsh Government commits £250m for 20,000 low carbon social homes

Some of the social housing for rent will go beyond net zero and produce more energy than they use