Residents living in ‘back-to-back’ council homes to secure ‘green’ measures

More than a thousand residents are set to benefit from energy efficiency upgrades

More than a thousand residents living in ‘back-to-back’ council properties in Leeds will benefit from a project which will make their homes warmer and better insulated.

Once the project is complete in March 2023, almost 750 properties in five ward areas will be fitted with external wall insulation, new roofs and other energy efficiency measures.

Councillor Mohammed Rafique, Leeds City Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Housing, said: “Improving the thermal efficiency of homes is absolutely vital given the current cost of living crisis and increases in energy bills that the country is facing.”

Councillor Helen Hayden, Leeds City Council’s executive member for infrastructure and climate, said: “Leeds City Council’s ambition is for Leeds to become the first carbon-neutral city in the UK and this significant investment will help us work towards achieving that.”

Leeds had previously committed to becoming a net zero city by 2030.

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