Supreme Court blocks Obama’s Clean Power Plan

The US Supreme Court delivered a major blow to Barack Obama’s plans to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. It has temporarily blocked the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan, which means the legislation can’t go forward while it is challenged in court by 24 states. The rules include a target to reduce […]

Supreme Court orders UK to cut air pollution

The UK’s highest court has ordered the government to take urgent action to tackle air pollution. The Supreme Court ruled the UK Government must submit new air quality plans to the European Commission by the end of the year to tackle the harmful pollutant, nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The case had been brought by environmental law […]

Indian Supreme Court cancels 214 illegal coal licences

The Supreme Court of India has cancelled 214 of the 218 coal mining licences awarded by the government in the past two decades. It declared the licences illegal last month as they didn’t go through a “fair and transparent” process. Only four of the units awarded between 1993 and 2011, which are linked to major […]

India’s Supreme Court rules coal licences ‘illegal’

More than 200 coal mining licences awarded between 1993 and 2010 in India have been declared illegal by the nation’s Supreme Court. It said the rights given to state and private companies to mine coal during that period were “not fair and transparent” and didn’t include a competitive bidding process. The Court will now examine […]

“Dark days” of FiTs fiasco are done says solar boss

The “dark days” of the solar FiTs fiasco are over and it’s now time solar firms to pull out all the stops. That’s the view of solar trade body boss Reza Shaybani, who believes the solar industry needs to stop talking about what it deserves from the Government and instead show what it can do […]

Campaigners champion legal victory over DECC

A campaign group is championing its legal victory over DECC in the controversial solar FiTs court case. Today the Supreme Court refused DECC permission to challenge a ruling which would have let it cut the subsidy paid out to solar power from panels installed between 12 December and 3 March. Friends of the Earth said […]

DECC solar appeal forced into shade by Supreme Court

The sun has set on DECC’s plan to cut the solar Feed-In Tariff after the Supreme Court ruled it could not appeal against a previous judgement. At the end of last year DECC wanted to halve the FiT for solar panels installed after 12 December, two weeks before the end of a consultation into cutting […]

DECC plays waiting game on FiTs appeal

DECC is now waiting for permission to appeal the Court of Appeal’s decision on the solar Feed-in Tariff court case. The Court of Appeal had upheld a judgement which found DECC’s cut to the Feed-in Tariff “unlawful”. A DECC spokesperson said: “We respectfully disagree with the Court of Appeal’s decision on Feed-in Tariffs and we […]

DECC FiTs appeal disappoints renewable groups

Renewable groups are disappointed DECC is pressing on with its appeal against the court ruling which found its cut to solar subsidy “unlawful”. Today the Department is lodging its appeal with the Supreme Court to challenge both December’s Judicial Review on the solar Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs) and the Court of Appeal’s ruling in January. Trade […]

DECC lodging solar court appeal today

DECC is lodging its appeal over the solar Feed-in Tariff case at the Supreme Court today. The Department is challenging the Court of Appeal’s decision to uphold a previous ruling, which found DECC’s cuts to the solar subsidy in December were “unlawful”.