Elon Musk and Tesla plan to launch new British energy supplier

Tesla is set to challenge major energy providers in the UK by registering as an electricity provider and launching a retail electricity product

‘Sadiq Khan’s green fund at risk as EV firm falls into administration’

The Mayor of London’s Energy Efficiency Fund reportedly risks losing millions of pounds after an electric car company in which MEEF invested £3.2m collapsed into administration

‘Real EV ranges are 20% lower than carmakers claim’

That’s the claim made in a new study that tested more than 70 EVs

Tesla slashes EV prices again

The Model S has fallen by $5,000 and the Model X has dropped by $10,000

‘Europe’s biggest’ battery in East Yorkshire opens

The project has the capacity to store enough energy to power around 300,000 homes in Yorkshire for two hours

‘Searches for EVs rose by 113% in 2022’

This is compared with engagement from 2021

Tesla giant battery built near Dogger Bank offshore wind

The project hailed as “Europe’s largest” battery, has the capacity to power around 300,000 UK homes for two hours

Two people left dead after ‘uncontrollable’ Tesla speeds through Chinese streets

The driver claims the brake pedal would not respond after he tried to park the electric car

Chinese EV maker overtakes Tesla for global sales

BYD has sold more than 640k EVs this year so far

Tesla raises prices of EVs as supply chain worsens

The crisis in Russia and Ukraine has led to key materials in EV production rising by up to 250%