Diesel car sales plummet by 72% in last year

This is while EV sales have jumped up by 30%

Tesla hints return of Bitcoin payments

Elon Musk said the company will start accepting Bitcoin when miners will start to use a reasonable amount of clean energy in their operations

All the plugs lead to Oxford!

Pivot Power will deliver what it claims to be ‘Europe’s most powerful’ EV charging hub

What’s the fastest EV?

ELN launches a brand new series of films exploring the five fastest EVs

UK-based cryptocurrency industry to clean up its act

Cryptocurrency companies have signed in an initiative that aims to decarbonise bitcoin mining

Tesla ditches Bitcoin as payment over climate concerns

However, the EV and tech giant said it intends to use the cryptocurrency for transactions as soon as mining transitions to more sustainable energy

Two people die on a ‘driverless’ Tesla vehicle

The vehicle was reportedly operating on Tesla ‘Autopilot’ system, a ‘driver-assistance’ software that offers a certain range of automation

Elon Musk unveils details for $100m carbon removal competition

The four-year competition invites people to create carbon capture solutions that can scale to gigatonne level

Clean seas ahoy!

The ship aims to provide a sustainable solution for bulk carriers and oil tanker ships

Australian government to build ‘futuristic’ net zero homes with Tesla batteries

Homeowners could see their power bills slashed by AUD$1,600 every year