UK’s weekly shop generates 54m kilos of plastic waste a year

Two kilos of the average UK household’s supermarket haul is made up of plastic packaging

The British public’s weekly shop generates more than 54 million kilos of plastic packaging waste a year.

That’s according to a new report from OVO Energy, which calculates the plastic footprint of the average UK household’s weekly shop comes in at around two kilos.

A survey conducted by the energy firm illustrates although 74% of people claim they care about reducing the amount of plastic packaging waste they create, only half would pay more to actually work towards this.

Similarly, only a third say they would be willing to travel further to go to a different shop that uses less plastic packaging.

Jess North, Learning and Development Specialist at OVO Energy, said: “Here at OVO we’ve been working with charities, such as City to Sea, that help to stop plastic pollution at the source.

“At our most recent volunteering event we managed to sign up 31 refill sites across Bristol, which could potentially save 11,315 plastic bottles a year, inspiring people to live a life with less plastic.”

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