France to issue fines as high as €135 for dropping masks and gloves on the streets

This is part of a campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the risk of microplastics spreading in the air, water and food chain

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France plans to issue fines as high as €135 (£122) for dropping single-use masks and gloves on the streets.

This forms part of a campaign organised by the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition to raise awareness and reduce plastic waste and littering on the public highways.

The initiative aims to inform the public about the effects of such actions and the fact that as masks and gloves degrade, they break down into microplastics and spread in the air, in water and ultimately in the food chain.

It says: “This waste is a source of pollution for the environment and the oceans and contributes to the spread of the virus if it is not thrown in the trash.

“That’s why all single-use masks and gloves should be put in a trash bin. Under no circumstances should be placed in recycling bins because of the risk of contaminating people who collect them.”

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