Ofgem vows to turn streets green and prepare Britain for a ‘rewire’

Ofgem predicts surge in up to 11 million EVs by 2030 and increased demand for heat pumps

Big Zero Report 2022

Ofgem has announced today a set of proposals to make to turn streets green and prepare the UK for the rising electricity demand coming from the increase of electric vehicles (EVs) and heat pumps.

The consultation aims to unlock investment and secure the capacity to support up to 11 million EVs projected to be on the road by 2030 and serve the increased demand for heat pumps.

The electricity regulator has proposed measures, including the requirement on companies to increase their capacity utilising ‘flexible’ solutions where they can, such as battery storage rather than building expensive new network capacity.

It also suggests increasing co-ordination and planning across the energy system, digitalisation of the energy system and making better use of electricity network companies’ data.

Ofgem explains flexible solutions can be less expensive for consumers and delivered quicker.

Ofgem analysis also notes if owners of EVs use ‘flexible’ charging, where they only top up during off-peak times on the grid, at least 60% more EVs could be charged up using existing capacity compared with vehicles charged only at peak time.

Ofgem’s CEO Jonathan Brearley commented: “Our proposals will help turn Britain’s streets green, putting in place the wires and technology for families to travel in EVs and heat their homes and businesses with clean energy.

“The green energy transformation is not just about putting more copper in the ground. We need a modern, digital grid that uses all our energy assets as efficiently as possible”

“Local electricity networks will be at the forefront of eliminating harmful carbon emissions from the country, helping tackle climate change, so it’s vital they have the investment they need to do this whilst keeping costs as low as possible for consumers.”

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