Commodity markets – waiting for a reality check?

Prices remain high while market fundamentals suggest they should be otherwise. Why is that and what is keeping some energy prices inflated?

In the latest episode of the Resonance podcast, we talk to Jason Durden, Head of Energy Markets and Risk Management at Alfa Energy, who ponders a return to reality in markets, discussing:

  • The impact of maintenance
  • Why carbon has hit new highs
  • What the new 2030 EU reduction in emissions target means for EU ETS certificates and commodity markets
  • In gas, while current prices are attracting LNG, what will the picture be once they arrive
  • Nordstream2 – what does the controversial project mean for European gas
  • Oil – a lack of appetite?
  • Has demand recovered from lockdown?
  • What happens to markets and the global economy, if and when the Fed takes it’s foot off the gas

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