Utility Team is proud to announce net zero commitment for 2025

Delvin Lane, CEO of Utility Team, told us about the energy consultancy’s bold new plans to slash emissions

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Today Utility Team is proud to announce that we are taking responsibility for creating a healthier planet for our customers, suppliers and our employees and their families. As one of the UK’s leading energy consultancies, we are in a unique position to significantly reduce the amount of carbon our customers, suppliers, and employees put into the atmosphere. We know we must lead by example and that is why we are making the following pledges:

Pledge One: Utility Team will be a fully net zero organisation by December 31st, 2025.

Pledge Two: Utility Team will remove its historic carbon footprint by December 31st, 2028.

To find out more about our commitment to net zero and our net zero services please visit www.utilityteam.co.uk/our-commitment-to-you-and-our-planet, email [email protected] or call Toby Costar on 07731 969118.

You can find out more about Utility Team’s pledges over on ELN’s sister-platform future Net Zero.

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